Here are some facts about our home:

Surrounded by South Africa, Lesotho relies heavily on its surrounding neighbor for trade and economy. The poor soil quality, drought, and rapid erosion have resulted in only 10% of Lesotho’s land being farmable. This has also caused Lesotho to be marked by poverty and unemployment. 49% of the population live under the poverty line and 45% of the population is unemployed. Cattle is the nation’s measure for wealth not currency, which says a lot in itself.

And the economy isn’t the only thing that affects Lesotho. HIV/AIDS infection rates are at 24%--one of the world’s highest infection rates.

However, God is moving across this nation in dynamic ways. With 89% of the population claiming to be Christian, Lesotho a large presence of Christianity—mainly Catholicism. Sadly, society does not accept the idea of people being born again, and many family members pressure against accepting the Gospel.

The church in Lesotho struggles with syncretism, and some churches incorporate pagan practices and traditions. The need for strong, Bible-based theological training is needed for Christian leaders.

Pray with us for Lesotho.
Pray that the people of Lesotho will accept the Gospel and that many people will come to understand and accept salvation and a relationship with Jesus—not just a religion. Pray that Bible training will be available and taught to Christian leaders and pastors. Pray that believers will seek truth from God’s Word and not be swayed by pagan practices and beliefs.


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