10 years in missions

Dear friends and supporters,

Exactly 10 years ago, today we arrived in South Africa to follow God's call in our lives. Why we spent the first 8 hours in prison, and many other "unbelievable" experiences, we will report in the coming blog posts.


Here is a short review.

10 years ago we followed God's call as a family.
We gave almost everything away to fly to Africa. We took only the things that could fit in our luggage.


At that point, we didn't know exactly where we would end up going. But Africa was our destination. With our two daughters and our 8-week-old son.

Our home church supported us and wanted us to be well prepared for this journey. Therefore, we participated in the MDT (Mission Discipleship Training of OM) in South Africa. It was one of the best decisions we made, because this training was exactly what we needed to start this adventure called mission.

After the first few months, God extended our calling to Lesotho.

But we needed another 5 years of preparation in Pretoria before we could then move there. It felt long, but it was good to experience the time there. We met many people, got to know and appreciate many different cultures, visited mega churches and made new friends with hundreds of people....
In 2017 we moved to Fouriesburg. This was close to the border with Lesotho. But that was not our actual destination. Actually, it was in Lesotho. The only thing holding us back was not having a place to stay there yet. But finally we moved to Lesotho in 2018. There we first moved into a small round hut made of mud with a thatched roof.

Today we are still in the same village and were able to build a small house in the mountain village of Tomaketsa and later expand it. We work in many different villages in this area with a team of 3 families and many volunteers.

We were only able to make this sometimes incredible journey because we were not and are not alone. But because many of you have gone on this journey together with us in mission. In prayer, in financial support, with visits here on site and in much emotional support.

We thank God for each and every one of you! Be blessed!


Your Schmidt family

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