"Oh, I didn't know that!"

Dear friends,
here again is a short report about what is close to our hearts. That people here in Lesotho can get to know Jesus.

Discipleship Groups - Disciple Maker Movement

The vision of the OM team in Lesotho is "to see a discipleship group in every village in Lesotho". All the ministries and efforts of the team are directed towards this goal.
One of the answers we often hear is: "Oh, I didn't know that!".

"I didn't know that I can pray directly to God, talk to Him. I don't have to pay a priest, pastor or prophet to pray for me? "


"I didn't know God didn't want ancestral rituals, occult practices or good luck charms."


And it always hurt to realise that people actually want to follow Jesus but just don't know how, are led astray by false pastors or are trapped in traditional beliefs.

Dr Hendrik J. Vorster's discipleship course succeeded in picking people up where they were, namely at the beginning of their faith in Jesus Christ. The first step (Step ONE workbook) teaches all about salvation. Who we pray to, what forgiveness means and how it works. About baptism in water and in the Spirit and other basics of faith in Jesus Christ.

Although some of them go to a so-called "church", unfortunately they have no idea what "living faith" actually means. They also do not know that our God is a living and loving God and wants to be close to them. So, despite weekly church services, they still cling to their talismans, occult rituals and ancestor worship. They also prefer to let others pray for them instead of doing it themselves. It was and is a great challenge to un-learn the false "faith" and the deep-seated misconceptions about God.

And this is where the Discipleship Workbook comes in. It explains in very simple and small steps what it actually means to follow Jesus and to entrust your own life in everyday life to a living God.

It is an absolutely exciting journey to experience the people on the ground, at the beginning of this journey, and then to see them grow in faith. To experience their first tender steps of faith with Jesus and then often to be able to baptise them. That is such a gift.

One of the aims of the discipleship groups is also to start new groups from the participants of the existing groups in order to increase the number of groups. Therefore, we do not only want people to come to listen, but to Become followers of Jesus who are doers of their faith. It is amazing how quickly we can see when people love Jesus and are on fire for the Holy Spirit, how quickly and easily they share with their neighbours, their friends and their family what they have just learned in their discipleship group.

The five workbooks covering the five steps of faith (Salvation; Values and Spiritual Disciplines; Development of Gifts and Skills; Fruitfulness; Multiplication) were already available in many different languages, but not yet in Sesotho. Thabo S., an OM team member, has assembled a team of local translators and is now translating the workbooks. It takes a lot of time to maintain the quality and not just translate literally, but translate the meaning in a way that is understandable in a cultural context. But Thabo himself is so enthusiastic about it that he could sit at it day and night. The first manual, Step ONE is already translated, printed and in use. The book on church planting, which explains the basics of the discipleship course and is meant for the leaders and group leaders, is now almost finished and will hopefully be printed soon.


Anyone who would like to support the vision of "a discipleship group in every village in Lesotho" coming true and more people being able to hold the discipleship training in their own mother tongue, can support us here through  OM  (with donation receipt) or also through our  private bank account  (without deductions). Please write, "Lesotho - Project Disipleship workbook, ZZZLES-Evang4111" in the transfer text.


Love and Greetings,
from the Schmidt family in Lesotho

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