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'Pictures to see' and 'Help is needed'.

Lots of photos on Instagram...

In case you didn't know, we post new pictures of our life and work in Lesotho at least 1-2 times a week on Instagram (@familyschmidtinafrica). If you don't have an Instagram account, you can also view the pictures on our blog at any time. Click here.
But now to an urgent matter...

We need your support.
The new school year 2022 begins and new challenges come with it.

This year, the school costs are almost twice as high as last year, as our youngest has now officially become a student of the German Distance School. In order to somehow reduce this high amount, we decided to buy only the school material for Silas. This way we don't have a teacher as a contact person (so no supervision/tutoring) and he won't get a report card either, but it saves a lot of money.
However, this was only possible because the distance learning school accommodated us with an offer that allowed us to still pay these costs half-yearly. Normally, the school fee without tutoring has to be paid immediately after signing the contract.
But in order to cover the total costs, we urgently need your help.
Please help us to raise the  Amount of 6600 Euro for this school year 2022.
The first instalment of 2190€ is due in the next 2-3 weeks. We can't afford it alone. Hence the call for help to you.
If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us by email or find a little more information here.
Otherwise, be with us on our mission and support us and thus the school career of our boys.


donate via Paypal (Account:

You can find our account details here.


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Thank you very much.
Teacher and Mum, Christiane

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New Year 2022

A new year...

As the saying goes, "new year, new luck", but our year began with the recovery from our Corona illness. Shortly before Christmas, the first one in the OM team started and then it went in turn. Fortunately, most of us had only mild to no symptoms, and we were all much better by the beginning of January, so that we were able to catch up on our much-awaited team Christmas party.
During this time, a young family from the OM training base in Pretoria also visited us. On the base, they all had also recently gone through covid infections. So they were in good spirits to come and visit us. It was a really nice time together. We had many good conversations about mission, cultures and God's incredibly exciting ways in our own lives.
Like a holiday. The time we spent together was totally relaxed. So the recovery was more or less incidental. In the picture you can see us all together at our Christmas party far up in the mountains of Lesotho.



New team members...

Barely two weeks later, Peggy and Andre came to us to plan their move to Lesotho. They have been OM missionaries for over 22 years and are still living Read more

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