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Questions and answers

The month is gone and again we could distribute food parcels in our villages. A lot of planning, arrangements, driving, packing, unpacking and distribution is now behind us again. But it is always fun and great joy, despite all the efforts. Especially when you meet the people again, who you could now get to know a little bit closer and then you can see their grateful faces again when we hand out the food.

We were asked from time to time how the one or the other thing happens at the food distribution and so we thought, let's answer a few questions that we were asked again and again.


Where is the food actually distributed?

Meanwhile we distribute food packages at 4 points. In three different villages in our area and at a spring around which many mountain villages are located. We can't drive to all of them individually, otherwise we would be busy with the distribution for another 2-3 days. Since the villages are also very remote up in the mountains, we asked the people to pick up the food at the spring. For them this is completely ok, because if they would have to walk to the next shop, it would be far away. The people (mostly mothers) then come with their children or a donkey and transport the food away on the back of the donkey or on their own heads. This happens so fast that I watch the whole event with open mouth every time. Read more

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