The food distribution campaign for needy families started in mid-May and was gratefully received by the Basotho. They were so overwhelmed by the amount of food and therefore completely speechless. Whenever food was distributed by an international aid organisation, it was usually just a bag of cornmeal and if necessary a bottle of oil or a cabbage, that was it. No matter how big the family was. And that also only once, not regularly. Just don't stop for a whole month. But that was our concern, to take care of people and to accompany them through the hard times with enough food for a whole month.

Between distributions, we and our teammates who live in the respective distribution villages are busy visiting the recipients.Home visit to an old Basotho

It makes such a big difference to visit the people instead of just giving them the food in their hands and clicking on to wait for the next month until the next distribution is and they are again only given one package.

The people are so friendly and open. And that's how really nice conversations came about. In the beginning the conversations were very superficial. But the more often you meet, the more open, deeper and cheerful the conversation becomes. It is so much fun to meet and chat with the people in the villages. To get to know their culture and language better and to tell them about God.

church tent with Social DistancingAt the beginning of June we reopened our church again. Our tent filled up every Sunday in no time. Also women with their children from the families of the distribution scheme came. It was so nice to experience this. Women who otherwise would never have dared to come to a church service. But by visiting them at home they became brave and dared to come and then came together with their children. Most of the time their children came to our services for a long time or even months before. But now they came together. It is our prayer that they will one day come to the service together with their fathers and husbands.

Bible group for young women

In addition to all this, a women's Bible group was also established in a village. Johanna, our learning assistant and Rebecca, a young South African woman from Durban, lead this group with a loving devotion. The women here are so hungry for truth, for God and for fellowship with Christians. It is a real blessing what this Corona time brings with it. Thanks be to God.

Next week we will be back in the villages for the distribution of food. Our third already. In June we had added 10 families to the first 30 families. Now in July we will be able to add another 20 families. This is a gift. More than 60 families (that is more than 300 people together) will be provided for!Food distribution in a village.

We can only do that because donations keep coming in over and over again. THANK YOU!!! To all those who have a giving heart and help us so that we can help the Basotho! Please continue to do so and don't let up on helping the Basotho with us.

Be kindly greeted and blessed.
Your Christiane and family from Lesotho.


Important note: Almost every day you can find latest pictures on our Instagram account: @familyschmidtinafrica or on our website.

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One thought on "Follow-up

  1. Christine Schmidt

    Thank you for the encouraging news in Corona times!
    May God continue to fill you with health, strength and peace in everything,
    in love Christine

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