Thank you! Thank you!

After two weeks of intensive preparation, we were finally able to start the delivery of the food packages on a large scale today.
One thinks that in difficult times it should be easy to bring the food to the people. But you are wrong ... on the one hand you have to respect cultural traditions and negotiate with village elders and representatives of the village communities how, where, when you can give food to which people. On the other hand, however, we also have to apply a data protection law based on the European model when collecting the names of needy families.

It was difficult to get the required quantities of almost 4 tons of food. Due to the shortage of food, the prices have unfortunately also skyrocketed. But persistent negotiation and God's favour brought everything together as desired.

On Wednesday morning, all the men from our OM Lesotho team went to the district capital and bought maize meal, flour, salt, sugar, dried beans, cooking oil, soap and yeast and loaded them into our large trailer. The drive back to Moteng in the overloaded wagon, up the mountains only went slowly and took much longer as usual. The otherwise always annoying police roadblocks were easy this time, when we explained what we had loaded for the villages in the remote regions.

Today we were able to start distributing food to the needy in the first 3 villages. Below you can find some pictures of the day. And tomorrow, Friday, we will distribute aid packages in more villages. By Saturday we will have delivered about 4 tons of food to 30 families with almost 200 people.

But first we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the supporters and donors.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Your support has brought tears of joy to the eyes of many people today.

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We would like to give food to those who have no other hope for as long as it is necessary. And also to increase the number of families we serve. Any further support for this is very welcome. In the last [Blog article] you will find a more detailed explanation of the costs and how to donate at the end of the article.

And on Instagram you can find new pictures almost every day.


Your Schmidt family

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  1. Siegfried Goseberg

    Great work, it's a pleasure to read this story - would have loved to be part of this

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