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God's house

This week we have an outreach team, the OM Africa Trek, with us in Lesotho and wanted to celebrate today, as usual, the Sunday service in our big tent. But just after we had started, a strong wind came up and developed into a full-grown sandstorm. The dust outside and also in the tent was so dense that it was difficult to breathe and we had to stop the service.

Without further ado, we leaders discussed the situation and possibilities. We did not want to send the people home and so we decided to move the whole assembly to the almost finished extension of our house in Tomaketsa. Since the roof is already on it and the windows and doors are installed, it offered the best protection against the sandstorm.

During the service then in our house I realized again why the Lord gave us such a rich gift and why the house extension became so big.

And again I could give the house and everything we have back to God with a grateful heart, so that He could use it to build His kingdom.


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