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Fundraising Projects

Dear friends, readers and supporters,

On our blog, there has recently been a new sub-page that is called "Fundraising Projects".

We have been asked more and more by friends and supporters, where can they provide us with financial support. Others were of the opinion that "since we do not write big on finances, it will be so good that further regular support will not be necessary".

And yes, we have to admit that it is still hard for us to talk or even write about money and the regular support we need every month. And we apologize for this lack of communication on financial matters. And we especially want to thank those who have been supporting us for many years, or only recently, regularly or with occasional individual donations. Without you, our missionary work in Lesotho would not be possible.


Since it happens from time to time that donors have to stop their regular support for various reasons, we are always looking for new supporters who have it in their hearts to provide us with 5€, 10€, 50€ (or even more) every month. You can find more information on our blog:


We are thankful that God has provided us through you, our supporters, with as much as we need to live every month. But unfortunately we are unable to save up reserves. As a result, large purchases or larger expenditures, such as annual school fees, are a challenge for us, and this is where we now seek your help.

On the page "Fundraising Projects" we present large acquisitions and expenses, explain the background, the amount needed and how much has already been donated.
We have also recently introduced the "PayPal" button on our blog to make it easier to donate faster and more easily. The usual routes, on our private account with Comdirect and Om Deutschland, will remain of course.


We firmly believe that our heavenly Father, who has been providing us with generous care for almost 6 years, will continue to do great things in the future. And we look forward to being able to be part of it together with you.


All love,
Your Schmidt family


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Building a church

Note: This post includes a video. Please click on the headline in the email to get to the website of the blog and see all pictures and videos.

At the end of last year, we visited a church in Phelandaba with the Mediateam of OM South Africa, which began as Q&A sessions, a kind of interactive Bible study. The worship services had always taken place in a large white/blue striped tent. Since it was a quite old tent, it was assembled every Sunday morning and then after the service, dismantled again. The area around Phelandaba is often exposed to heavy winds, and so they wanted to protect the tent. But then the tent was destroyed by a fast approaching storm. In order to continue to be able to hold services, an auxiliary structure for the remains of the tent was created by branches and posts.

In the following video you can see the tent. And also the congregation at the service. It is important to know, Read more

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