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I have to find out again and again that the posts, pictures and videos in the email you receive are not displayed correctly or not at all. The multitude of different mobile smartphones and tablets makes it almost impossible for everyone to choose the right design and a good resolution. and videos are not displayed in the email.

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Update on the water situation

Unfortunately, the water problem is still not sorted. In the meantime, someone had come up with the idea of having water pushed back into the water pipes from the dam. This brought us water at the tap again for a short while. But it has unfortunately also washed bacteria into the water pipes. The whole village was plagued by diarrhea and vomiting, which of course did not stop for for our team. We all have been lying flat for a few days.

Since then we have to filter the water when it comes sporadically from the tap. Fortunately, or by means of God's precaution, an outreach team, some time ago, left us two water filters that were developed for disaster areas or areas without clean water supply.

The filter is built into a canister to make the filter process easier.

Filter system, from the top (contaminated water) down to the drinking water.

It is scarry, but also horizon expanding, considering that the half of the world population living in rural areas do not have access to clean water. To experience this by our self, makes us think very differently about water consumption, or even water wastage. We are trying more and more to use water multiple times. From showering or hair washing for the toilet. From the food preparation for the vegetable garden. There are many ways to get creative.




But we also learned what it means to live in a rural area. The people are dependent on each other and they help each other when it becomes tough.
When we ran out of water, a farmer on Sunday packed a 1000l water tank on his pickup truck, filled it with spring water from his farm and delivered it to the people in the village home. This is living charity.


Love and Greetings,


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... and soon with rain water!

In our last blog we reported about the critical water situation here in Fouriesburg. And also about our plan to set up a JoJo tank to collect rainwater. We are now much closer to this plan as we have received an overwhelming response from you and the total amount we need has already been donated. A big THANK YOU to all our generous supporters. Soon we will report here on the installation and commissioning of our own water supply.


Thank you and greetings,

Stephan and family

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