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Lesotho: Visas

The Good news First! 🙂 WI have received our temporary visa for 6 months on the first attempt.

Last Wednesday we went to Butha-Buthe, the provincial capital in the north of Lesotho, to hand in the application for our visas at the immigration office. I had already filled out the application form (only 4 pages) and we had also already Police reports from Germany and South Africa get. We already knew that in Butha-Buthe we had to go to several different authorities/government offices to get various certificates and confirmations, to pay the R2000 processing fee, to have the documents certified by the police, to get a health certificate from the doctor and much more. To be on the safe side, we had already  Read more

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It has started...

it.... So actually more, "the move" has begun. The actual Temin for the move to Fourisburg (at the border with Lesotho) for the whole family has now been officially fixed to the last week of October.

But even now we use every opportunity to bring parts of our stuff to Fourisburg. It's really hard to believe what has accumulated here in just 5 years.
We are in the fortunate position that the house that we are officially moving in on November 1 is already empty and we can take our things bit by bit.

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This weekend I was with the German head of mission of OM Germany in Lesotho Read more

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