A fateful for South Africa?

A great deal has already been reported about the political situation in South Africa. In the German press you can read about it again and again. Today may have been a decisive day for a change in politics in the African country. President Jacob Zuma has already passed 4 votes in his eight-year term, but this time it could be different.

The Chau has written an informative article that describes the situation well. Please pray for South Africa and its inhabitants. The majority of people in South Africa, regardless of origin, colour or race, suffer from the current situation created by corruption, hatred and selfishness.

South Africa
Vote against Zuma

It is not the first vote that South Africa's President Zuma has to withstand today. And even this time, hardly one believes in a success of Zuma's opponents – despite secret ballot. For those who oppose the ANC and the president, it could cost the career.

By Jan-Philippe Schlüter, ARD-studio Johannesburg

"You are to blame! Corruption is increasing every year! Unemployment is rising! Food prices are rising! And South Africa is under. All this because of you, Jacob Zuma! " Accustomed passionately, Julius Malema, the self-proclaimed commander-in-chief of the Leftist party "fighters for Economic Freedom", calls on South Africa's President Jacob Zuma.

Corruption and nepotism, clientele politics and miserable economic data – the list of accusations against Zuma is long. And it is getting longer: almost daily the so-called "Guptaleaks" rinse new details from the corruption swamp around the president and the closely verbandelte Industrial family Gupta to the public. Documents that show how big the Gupta brothers ' influence is on the cabinet, State corporations and the government party ANC. To its own, million-dollar advantage.


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