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Thankfully-back home

Now our "Coming Home" is back a week behind us. The days just fly past us. Everything seems to be the old.

In the bathroom, the orange ants are still diligently running up and down; The toilet paper is still as thin as before; One side of the home is warmed by the winter sun and the other A-cold; The car in front of the door is still predominantly white; The water still tastes like chlorine; The RANDCENTSS still look similar to the cents and the landscape is beige and pups-dry as always in winter, but a bright blue sky with daytime pleasant 24 degrees in the sun. Africa.

We are thankful for that.

We are also very grateful for the home stay behind us.


It was a full, but also beautiful time, which we do not want to miss. The stay was well planned from the first to the last day and packed with info events, House circle meetings, family celebrations and visits, with birthday parties three of our four children; Meeting with old acquaintances and relatives, a one-day school event, a very cool short break with friends and the staff conference, at the very end in Mosbach. There was something going on every day. So we look back with thankful hearts.


Sometimes the most beautiful thing about the time was that we had our own four walls, where we could just come home and close the door behind us and think through the day again in peace. God has allowed us to have this apartment for us all the time. It was really a gift, especially because the apartment was furnished to the smallest details. It felt like coming home right from the start. A lot of helpers were needed to get this and they were there. We are thankful for that.

Also beautiful were the many questions that came up at all the many meetings with friends, acquaintances and relatives, when talking about Lesotho and the related tasks that will soon be coming to us. It did well to get so much interest from your side. This not only gives us the feeling that we are traveling together, but that we are actually. We are thankful for that.

The school assignment at the Überschwemmungstag in Berlin was also great. We told the children of Lesotho, their national language, their people, their means of transport and their beliefs and what we are actually dealing with. The children were so enthusiastic about the use that they came again with their parents in spite of flooded streets in the evening and also listened to the parents ' version again. We also loved the kids (1.2.5 and 6 classes). They did so great, asked questions and afterwards thanked us so dearly, hammer. We are so thankful for this experience we could do with the kids and Bärbel there.

Another highlight was our little super nice holiday, our friends also invited us. The location is located in the middle of the forest, by the lake. Lovingly furnished. Sunshine. Loved people around them and new acquaintances. Just leave. Grateful.

A small downside was However, Despite the long time we spent at home, we didn't really manage to meet everyone we would have liked to see. It just didn't work out and that was a real shame!

At the end we would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed to the fact that we do not want to miss a single day of our stay at home. Thank you!


Your Schmidt family

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