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Home Stay 2017

It has been more than 2 years since the last time we were in Germany as a family. It is therefore time to return to the good old homeland. ... for a visit! 🙂

In early May we fly to Germany and will spend the first days with family in the Lüneburg Heath. From the 17th of May we will be in Berlin and look forward to meeting with family, enjoying German hospitality, telling about our work in South Africa and Lesotho, spending time with friends, relaxing and refueling and also on the next step To prepare a new section of our life in Lesotho. At the end of our time, we will take part in an OM conference for long-term employees in the OM Central in Mosbach, before we fly back to our African homeland on July 19th.

Our time in Berlin: 17 May 2017 – 13 July 2017

"As long as there is coffee there, I feel at home everywhere!"

We are still looking for a flat or house where we can stay as a small "extended family" during the 2 months. Our experiences from the last stays at home and longer trips have taught us that we need a protected space to retreat to for a healthy family life. We are looking for a flat in the Berlin area (preferably in the south of Berlin) with 2 or 3 bedrooms in the period from 17 May to 13 July. It would also be conceivable to stay for only part of the time (e.g. first or second half).
We are happy to offer our house in Pretoria, South Africa as a holiday home for exchange during this time.
(Contact see below)


Visits/House Circles
It is also a matter of heart for us to report what moves us here and what makes our work. What has happened in the last 5 years, but above all also what is to happen in the mountains of Lesotho in the future. For this we have already planned a series of lectures and community evenings in various places in Germany. We would also like to come to you or you. Whether community evening with 50 people, Family circle with 10 people or in a comfortable round with some friends... We welcome every occasion.


Bärbel Doering, our core team leader coordinates these dates and possible accommodations for us. Please contact us at:


We are looking forward to meet you!

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Here is still repaired...

Africa sometimes holds up a mirror to how one thinks and acts in one's home country and invites one to question this. Here is an example: While Stephan was still in Thailand for the OM conference, the dustbin in the kitchen broke. A plastic part had broken off and the lid Could only be opened by hand. My first reaction: such a crap, now we have to go and buy a new one. Far missing... When Stephan was back from his business trip, he sat down for a Saturday morning, explaining the mechanism to his sons and showing them how to fix the trash can. Of course cable ties were used.

It made me think how fast I wegschmeiße things and just buy new.
Together with Christiane, I went to a second-hand shop a few days ago and was amazed at what was on offer: Jigsaw puzzles with missing parts, children's seats that only consist of the plastic inner part, crockery with cracks and sewing machines that no longer work. But even all that has a value here and helps.

Think about how many plastic lids from bottles, milk cartons, etc. you dispose of every day. There is an initiative here that collects and sells the lids. Wheelchairs are bought from the proceeds and given to needy people. Away. A woman who had been tied to bed for six years could leave her hut for the first time.
I want to learn from that. So two days ago I found myself gluing my nephews' torn puzzle pieces back together. And lo and behold, you could play with them again.

Warm Greetings from Pretoria,
Your Daniela


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Duplo ® Training for OM mothers

LegoGuest review by Daniela Schmidt:

Last Monday it was finally ready. The date I had been looking forward to for weeks now finally came up: the Duplo ® Training 
Anyone who has been to one of Stephan's lectures on Lesotho has certainly heard about it. The Lego® company (the word Lego is derived from the Danish leg godt "play well"), which launched the Duplo bricks, has developed a comprehensive play and learning system that can be used to teach children of different ages. The fascinating thing about it is that as few as 6 bricks are enough to set tasks in language development, logic, creativity, mathematics and sports, whether for a single child being taught at home or an entire pre-school class. This is precisely why this system is particularly suitable for teaching situations that have limited resources (materials or teachers).
That impressed me and I wanted to get to know it too. An OM staff member has been specially trained for this and took the time that morning to give other OM mothers a little insight into working with Duplo®. We were allowed to try out many things ourselves and it was wonderful to play and build with Lego® again. I took a lot away from the morning, not only for my nieces and nephews, but also that you can achieve a lot with simple means.
As always, there is more information about this on the internet and I can only recommend that all educators, parents and Sunday school teachers search for "Duplo Training" on Pinterest. There are lots of creative ideas!

Link to external website: *

Dear Greetings from Pretoria!
Your Daniela

Lego_2          Lego_3

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