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Ask, so you will be given... Matthew 7.7-12
Crazy, isn't it? Can you really experience something like that? I ask my God for something and he hears my request? Yes, that is possible. I experience that again and again....
At the end of December, I went to Lesotho with Bärbel to buy a beautiful skirt that I had sewn myself, and I was completely thrilled that there was apparently someone there who was actually earning a living with it. Secretly, I asked God to let me meet this woman. A local woman through whom one could come into contact with other local people, from whom one could learn the language and perhaps even win her over to help. God would have to send this woman my way.
But my hopes were not very high at that moment, because often you go to the market or to one of the numerous shops here and then they tell you, when you ask for the artist or the producer, that it is them (be it the painter of a painting or the producer of various art objects). It's always easy to feel like you're being made fun of. Especially when you see completely different names on the pictures or totally different styles on the art objects.
But that's probably the cultural difference;-) the question is heard, but understood or interpreted quite differently. Often very funny, but sometimes also very frustrating.
Be that as it may. We ended our short trip to Lesotho without me meeting the lady. It was obvious, wasn't it?
And today, about a month later, I'm walking to the mall (here in Pretoria) and suddenly a woman waves excitedly at me from a hair salon.
I wondered, because I had never seen her before. I stopped, puzzled. She came running out beaming with joy, already shouting as she approached. "That's my skirt! That's my skirt, I sewed it!"
I could hardly believe it myself. How small the world is!!! And Lesotho seems to be even closer than I always suspected;-) And my God hears and gives!!!!
Beaming with joy, she showed me other things she had made (necklaces, earrings and photos of dresses). We were exchanging as if we had known each other for a long time. After taking photos and exchanging numbers, I left the shop still completely perplexed.
"What was that all about?" was all I could think, and with a grin I sent up a thank you to my heavenly Father.

Your Chrissi


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