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Even though we are always strictly out of all politics from OM, this does not mean that we cannot also report from time to again about the respective political situations. 🙂

Yesterday, on November 2, we closed our OM office in Pretoria for security reasons, as an opposition party had announced violent protest against the government. Unfortunately, a culture of protest has developed in South Africa in recent years, which is increasingly based on violence and senseless destruction. The protesters are not interested in the fact whether the classrooms or even the school libraries torched in the protest against school fees, or if the protest against corruption destroys uninvolved shops and offices in the city centre of Pretoria. In particular, the Party of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) mentioned in the lower report, which promotes open racism against all "non-blacks", use any reason to bring political instability through violent protest.

Corruption is a global problem. But there seems to have been a new, unprecedented dimension here in South Africa.  Here a break from the Daily Show to the current events.

Protests against President Zuma

The South Africans "enough"

Thousands of people have been demonstrating against President Zuma in South Africa for profoundly allegations of corruption. Occasionally, there was a clash with the police. The country's former anti-corruption officer called for investigation of Zuma.

Thousands of South Africans have called for resignation in the face of the accusations of corruption and other scandals by President Jacob Zuma. They kept posters with "Zuma must Go!", "It's enough!" and "Defend democracy!". There was some clashes in front of the government headquarters. Security forces set up water cannons and rubber bullets.

In total there were three demonstrations in the South African capital: in a cathedral, among other things, entrepreneurs and prominent religious leaders gathered. They accused Zuma of weakening the economy through corruption and undermining the constitution. Further protests were organised by the largest opposition parties, the Democratic Alliance and the leftist Economic Freedom fighters. [...]


 Read the full report here:

Video amount of the day's show on this topic:


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The drought is not over!

There has been a drought in southern Africa since the end of last year. (Report of November 2015) Since then there have always been failures in the water supply. But so far the water always came after a par hours or the next day again. But now the situation is increasing and there is no more water in our pipelines since the beginning of this week.


Water from washing is used again for the toilet.

The government repeatedly calls (albeit in vain) to save water. But this "concept" of saving water does not fit into people's minds. The still frequent pipe fractures (also caused by the pressure differences when water is switched on and off) are repaired only after days, sometimes weeks. The automatic irrigation system in many gardens still irrigates the day and wastes a lot of water by evaporation. South Africans love to free their cars daily with the water hose from the many dust and sand. The day before yesterday, a government spokesman of our province (Gauteng) declared that if the inhabitants do not really and drastically save water, the remaining reserves in the dams will be depleted in two weeks.


If you have to haul the water in buckets, you avoid wasting water all of a sudden.

The Ministry of Water Affairs in South Africa (Department of Water and Sanitation) has reported in its last statement of a study that showed that, from now on, should again use the "normal" average rain, it will be still more than 5 years Need to overcome the consequences of the current drought.

And as always, the consequences are the hardest for the poor people who do not have a lobby with the government. The wealthy people in the cities have now started to place water cisterns at their homes, which makes the water saving measures useless.

Please pray with us for much rain in southern Africa, for wisdom among those responsible as to respond to this catastrophe and for a rethinking of the population in dealing with water.

Here the tank vehicle at our nearby supermarket where we can collect free water.
Wassertank1 Wassertank2







Greetings from the Hot Africa,
Your Schmidt family

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