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Logos Hope

Cape Town, South Africa:: Logos Hope arrives in Cape Town, South Africa.Logos Hope (LH) is OM's mission ship that travels the world's oceans to bring the Good News to all corners of the globe. The story of this voyage began on 19 February 2009, when the 12 500 tonne seaworthy ship first cast anchor in Køge, Denmark, with 400 volunteers. In the meantime, over many millions of visitors have crossed the gangplank; hundreds of thousands more have benefited from crew programmes ashore. Now that the ship is on its way to Cameroon, with a short stopover in Namibia, and then on to Ghana, here is an update on the 5-month visit to the world's largest Visitors to the Logos hopeFloating Bookstore in South Africa. From March to July, the LH has been built in 5 ports: Durban, Richards Bay, east London, Port Elisabeth and Cape Town. In total, over 220. Ooo visitors have been on board in the 5 months and over 2000 are interested in collaborating with OM. Pastoral Conferences, Bible courses, former meetings, Alpha courses and many other meetings were held on board. All visitors have gone through the huge bookstore and have been led by an exhibition "Journey of Life" with the story of the "Prodigal Son". In the harbor, Omer from Africa was also involved in the process of imagining the uplifting work and ministries, establishing contacts and serving as a contact partner.

Schmidt family on the logos hopeWe as a family then had the privilege to be on board for one week at the end of June. In addition to our service at the OM-South Africa booth and attending some events we also had time with other families and staff on the Ship contacts button. We were also allowed to take the 2-days crossing from Port Elisabeth to Cape Town. And since the sea around the West Cape of South Africa has remained calm despite all predictions, Christiane was also able to enjoy voyage without becoming seasick.

Since pictures say more than a thousand words, here's what to look at.

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Here is another video about logos Hope's visit to Cape Town:


All love,
Your Schmidt family in Africa

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