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The Sewing

Now finally we're going.

The room was booked and prepared, Starternäh sets and fabric provided and invitations sent.
Friday came and present today were 8 women from the township to learn sewing.

Including Beaulla and Portia cousin (unfortunately, Portia could not be there personally because she has to work. But half as bad, because the course is to be used among other things to pass on his knowledge. In this respect, Portia cousin of her great cousin will probably then teach sewing at home;-) We started with coffee and tea, which was a good start to get to and sniff with the others.

This was followed by an active devotion to the Alma (the ladders of the AidsHopeCenters) that the women were equally tense with. A devotion to join in and experience.

And after that, Grietjie (an OM employee) began to teach women the first knowledge of sewing. Mainly tool customer and work equipment. And all this not for sewing on the machine, no we started sewing with the needle and thread today. Manual work!!!

So we formed groups, each one employee with two women and then explained Grietije briefly how to do it. showed it before and left it to us to practice. We sewed for a whole three hours, but the time just flew by and so we got all the homework to practice our knowledge in the form of a small case.

Some of the women really impressed me with the serenity and cleanliness they practised the relearned stitches.

Beaulla and Portia cousin were very enthusiastic afterwards and so we passed with an expectant joy to the next Nähtreffen this coming Friday.


The starter sets you can see here were used today diligently and financed by a big donation. For women, we have offered to buy it for a fraction of the purchase price, so that you can build your own tool step by step. Only 20 rands cost them, but this too was a lump of money for most of the participants and so the question arose whether they could pay it at the end of the month, because then again money would be in the budget fund. 20Rand are currently not even €1.20!!! have or not have.

Some are now wondering why we had to take money for it because they were donated. This is for the only reason that if you do something, you tend to adapt to your things and that's what you're supposed to do. Value your stuff and keep an eye on it.

The course content is held free of charge by us. Most of the material for learning, tools and sewing machines are donated!!! However, if we sew pillowcases or skirts you will also have to give a small amount for the material to do so. Goal = Create a sense of responsibility

All love
Your Christiane

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