Lesotho-the report

Dear Friends

as already in the last report We have been announced for 5 days with our friends in Lesotho. First line it was thought of as a family holiday and for recreation. But how could one overlook the poverty of the humble living Basuto? The people in the mountain regions of Lesotho are working really hard and a lot. In the morning, long before sunrise, you get water from distant sources of water, during the day the Sun is working in the field and in the evening after dark the cattle are supplied. And yet most of them have to get along with just one dollar a day. I personally have the highest respect for these people and admire their perseverance and the always good mood.
Before we left, we asked friends and colleagues for donations of clothes. A really great response gathered more clothes than we could take this time. On our next visit we will again take clothes to distribute.

Since pictures say more than a thousand words, here is a picture gallery with the respective image description:
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