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Greetings from Lesotho! You haven't heard from us in a long time. That's because we had our hands full. Right now we have a really fulfilling time. Many new ways to tell people about Jesus, regular outreach teams visiting us, church building, field work, ... Eish, and much more. So here is a somewhat broader update.




Finally an all-terrain vehicle

After more than 1.5 years of collecting donations, searching and praying, we have finally found and bought the off-road vehicle that God has planned for us. As so often, God's plan was different than what we had thought. We have always looked for a Toyota Hilux with loading area in the back. We have been to many used car dealers and private sellers in South Africa and Lesotho. And we have also looked continuously on the Internet. At a dealer Christiane photographed another off-road vehicle, which wasn't a Hilux but she thought that I, Stephan and the boys would definitely find it cool. But before she could show us the pictures we had a team meeting. During the meeting Ntabileng, who is also from our OM Lesotho team, said that she had prayed for us and the car the other day. She saw a clear picture of a particular 4×4 that she thinks is meant for us. When she started describing what she had seen, Christiane started looking for the pictures on her phone she had actually made just for fun. When she then showed them Ntabileng, she was very excited and assured that this was exactly the car she had seen in prayer. Now Christiane showed the pictures to me, too. Both of us were a little confused because it was not what we had expected. Since everything ran like clockwork at the dealer's and he also went down with the price, we bought the car.

Since we now have the 4×4 we already drove to mountain villages, which can only be reached on foot or with a donkey. Now we are planning a tour through several remote villages at the end of September to show the Jesus Film.


Once again a big Thank You to all those who so generously contributed to the financing of the off-road vehicle. We are Read more

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Update of the fundraising website

Dear friends,

we have updated the page with the fundraising projects.
We would like to introduce you to 2 missionaries and a missionary family who come here from Lesotho. And a few current projects we're fundraising for.

Here is the link to the news about current mission projects: Fundraising Projects

Best regards,
Stephan & Family

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The healing

Ausi L. with Christiane

Ausi L. is a young Basotho whose brother regularly comes to church. So she had a Sunday with him. Already during the service we could somehow see that something was not quite right. She didn't sing along, she just looked at the floor and cried.

At the end of the service we offer to pray with and for the people. Then she came forward and asked for prayer. The doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer on both sides. The following Monday she was admitted to the hospital for breast removal. Since Ausi I. is not yet married, this operation would have a particularly serious impact on her future. She probably wouldn't find a husband with such a stigma.

So we prayed for her for a relatively long time and asked again and again if she had already felt a change. After about 45 minutes she said that "something warm had passed through her". We thanked God for the healing and trusted that she was now healed.

The following Monday, Ausi went to the hospital. The surgery preparations went as usual. As a standard procedure a mammography (Rontgen image) was taken again to avoid confusion. The doctor was very upset and angry after looking through the photos, because she had obviously been brought the wrong person. Ausi L. asserted that she was the right person. Also the blood test did not show an increased number of white blood cells later on.

Since then Ausi L. has told everyone how God healed her. And now she comes to the service only in festive clothes. She says she now only wants to be beautiful for God who saved her.

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