We're on our way...

... to Germany. 🙂

In case you didn't know, we will be in Germany very soon! Due to the upcoming third Corona wave in Africa, and the expected border closures in Lesotho, we have decided to come to Germany earlier than planned.

Instead of mid-May we will now land in Berlin already on April 3. We have already left Lesotho on March 30th and are now in South Africa to do all the necessary Corona tests and to apply for exemptions to enter Germany from a high risk area.

The first 14 days in Berlin we will spend in quarantine.


Some more info from Lesotho....

The Water project we were able to bring forward at the last minute (really on the last day before departure) so far that now fresh spring water arrives continuously at 4 water taps in the village. We hope that this will ensure the water supply even in the upcoming dry season in winter, at least provisionally.
As soon as we are back in Lesotho we will hopefully be able to finish the whole project.
We thank all who have so generously supported this project in prayer and financially.
This project has opened most doors and hearts in our village so far. We have been able to get to know many people personally and most of them have now understood that we do not go back to our home country after a few months of development work, as is often the case here in Africa. This has created trust and openness.


The last few months we've been able to Church Planting Ministry after the Corona restrictions in Lesotho were eased. The first workbook (Step One - Redemption), which we translated into the local language Sesotho, has proven to be a great success. But we would like to tell you more about this in person in a few weeks. As soon as the current Corona restrictions allow, we will be happy to come to your church, home group, prayer group or living room to share many stories and wonderful testimonies of what God is doing in Lesotho right now.
For now, just this... In the last three months, 5 more discipleship groups have been started in 5 villages. Through the workbook, many now feel able to invite their friends and neighbors to learn more about the Bible and hear what Jesus did for each one on the cross.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all....


Your Schmidt family

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Update on the water project

The water project in Tomakesta is progressing slowly. Because pictures say more than 1000 words, I have created a short video for you.

[For English subtitles activate Captures on YouTube and change in settings to "English"]

We have already started with the work that we can do ourselves. But for some material we still need financial support. Who would like to help with that, can here on our donation project page read up on how.

Love from Lesotho,

Stephan & Family

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This country (Lesotho) is so wonderfully simple.

For some weeks now Stephan has been planning the new water pipe from the spring in the mountains and water system for our village. Since the pipes are all dilapidated and we get very little or no water out of our 3 taps in our village, plans for a new system have been developed. Stephan had sat down with an engineer for water systems from Butha-Buthe to find out what needs to be done and how much it would cost. This engineer, who works for the government, was super cooperative and quickly available. It's a bit unusual for Lesotho. Through him Stephan got in touch with another Mosotho, who is a more experienced builder in the area and he will now build us the silt box at the spring and a 5m³ water tank in the village. He himself had been taught by a Swiss team in 1984. So it can only be good.

We villagers will take care of collecting and carving the stones and rough sand from the river. And don't think it's all man's work. No! Especially the women are hard at work here! I am always impressed by the strength with which they approach their work here.
In addition, the villagers, of whom we are a part, will also see to it that the trenches for the water pipe are dug from the spring to the village. The engineer said it would only be a few hundred meters, easy to Read more

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